Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trailer Park: Wolverine and 17 Again

I don't watch a lot of trailers online, so this feature will mostly feature (hee!) trailers that were attached to movies I've recently seen. Keep in mind that I live in The Netherlands, and that the trailers attached wont necessarily be the same as the ones in your country. In this post I'll review the trailers that were attached to Wolverine and 17 Again.

First up is Wolverine and all trailers attached were for 'guy flicks'.

Fighting = Step Up - dancing + fighting. I haven't seen Step Up (unfortunately, I have seen Step Up 2), but it looks like the same movie. Channing Tatum needs to branch out. I think he has it in him to become a big star, if he moves away from these flicks. Let's see it as a 'step up' for something greater.
To be viewed: probably never

Star Trek
I was kinda looking forward to this. I like the cast, the promotional pics look good. Then I saw the trailer and it reminded me I don't like Star Trek. I do like John Cho and Zach Quinto. Hmmm...
To be viewed: on DVD unless one of my friends wants to see it on the big screen, which probably won't happen

Terminator: Salvation
I thought the first two Terminators were great and I liked Rise of the Machines (apart for the Claire Danes factor). The trailer for T4 did nothing for me. I only liked seeing Bryce Dallas Howard! Maybe if Nick Stahl was John Connor again, I'd see it. I don't understand why Christian Bale's playing him now. Bale's already Batman! What's next yo? Superman?
To be viewed: DVD

The Hangover
I already mentioned The Hangover here. It looks good! And Bradley Cooper! *squee*
To be viewed: hopefully on the big screen

Girl-friendly films were attached to 17 Again (this shouldn't be a surprise).

The Proposal
I already mentioned here that The Proposal looks awful. I'm still feeling bad for Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Now that I'm remembering that he gets to be married to Scarlett Johansson and that Sandra gets millions for a flick like this, that bad feeling is fading away.
To be viewed: on DVD

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
I hate the title! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! I do love Matthew McC, Jennifer Garner and Breckin Meyer so that partly makes up for it. At least this doesn't look as generic as The Proposal.
To be viewed: on DVD

I Love You, Man
Paul Rudd amuses me, Rashida Jones is lovely and I love Jason Segel and Jaime Pressly. I want to see this! But probably won't in theaters.
To be viewed: on DVD

I'm sure there was another trailer shown, but I can't remember which... :S

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