Monday, May 25, 2009

National Treasure 3 please

Just rewatched National Treasure and the movie held up really well for a third viewing. I also liked the sequel, Book of Secrets. So what I'm trying to say is.. I'd like to see a third flick. I never thought I would make a post stating this, but yeah, I'd like to see another one. They're fun! Plus, JUSTIN BARTHA. I cannot stress this enough. JUSTIN BARTHA.

I think a third one is in development so come on Powers that Be, make it happen!


Colette said...

LOL Gwen as soon as I saw the blog title I was saying JUSTIN BARTHA, JUSTIN BARTHA outloud.

Great minds!

Gwen said...

Haha! Definitely great minds, Col!

It shouldn't be a surprise we share the same taste in men. Didn't we bond over Jared Padalecki? :p