Monday, January 25, 2010

Review: Right At Your Door

I watched Right At Your Door on TV last night. I saw the trailer years ago, but I don't think the movie ever got released here. At least, I didn't notice the DVD in the videostore or regular store. Anyways, the movie started at midnight and I thought I would just watch the beginning and then go to bed. WRONG! Once the shit hit the fan, I was hooked.

The movie opens slow. Rory Cochrane (Lucas from Empire Records!) stars as Brad, an out of work musician and loving, but needy boyfriend of Lexi (Mary McCormack). He makes her breakfast, wakes her up and then she gets ready for work. Not long after Lexi has left for work, bombs go off in LA. Brad, worried for Lexi's safety, goes out looking for her and tries to call her numerous times without any luck. Over the radio he hears the bombs are dirty bombs and there are toxic clouds spreading over the city.

Brad and the neighbor's handyman (don't ask) follow the news reports that advise them to stay inside and seal the house. After a while, Lexi, covered in ashes and coughing badly, shows up at the house, asking Brad to let her in.

Moral dilemma: would you let your loved one in knowing he/she is infected?

The movie does a good job putting you in Brad's shoes. Cochrane was fantastic. I could really feel he was torn by his decision to leave her outside. As I initially disliked his character (not for leaving her out, but his neediness), I was surprised I ended up caring for him as much as I did. Cochrane bravely carried this movie with his credible performance. I felt McCormack was on/off and didn't care much for her character.

The ending really shocked me. Maybe not entirely realistic, but it was well done. I also liked the opening credits sequence. That was a nice change from all the boring ones! What I really didn't like about the movie were the fade to black transition shots. I kinda got sick of them after a while.

I was never bored watching this movie. I was on the edge of my seat wondering how it would end. And the thought that this could happen in real life just added to the suspense. A 4/5.

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