Monday, February 2, 2009

Review: The Midnight Meat Train

How did this movie end up in dollar theaters? Really, I'm mad right now. It's better than most of the (horror) crap that gets a decent release. Seriously! Shame on you, Lionsgate!

My fave actor du jour Bradley Cooper plays Leon, a photographer trying to capture the dark side of the city and humanity for an upcoming exhibit. He starts to suspect that a man he has photographed, Mahogany (Vinnie Jones), may in fact be a serial killer. Leon's obsession with Mahogany not only puts his life in danger, but that of his girlfriend Maya (Leslie Bibb) as well.

I haven't read Clive Barker's short story on which the movie is based, but I was aware of the ending. I think most people who hate on this movie aren't aware of the story's ending. Confusion strikes, which is followed by hate.

*SPOILERS-R-US* I quite like the ending with Leon having turned into the next butcher. If only he hadn't been so obsessed! I felt Maya's death was a bit pointless at that moment when it happened. Really, if they wanted to kill her off, why not while trying to help Leon fight Mahogany? I mean, the girl showed guts going into Mahogany's apartment and into the subway. Why not let her fight or at least attempt to? */SPOILERS*

I liked the cast. I'm very pro Bradley Cooper. There should be more of Bradley Cooper in movies. I'm very pleased to see him here. He's a capable leading man, while having this regular Joe vibe about him. I don't see Josh Hartnett or Jude Law playing Leon. Leslie Bibb is someone I love and who doesn't get enough credit. Her character kinda bugged, but that's not her fault. Vinnie Jones gave a good performance. He wasn't just a menacing bad guy. There was something more underneath. So rock on, Vinnie! Okay, Roger Bart, I can't take him seriously. I've seen him on Desperate Housewives! He's not a bad actor, but seeing him hanging upside down was more funny than disturbing. Oops.

I'm a sucker for great cinematography so bonus points for that. Also, interesting camera angles! Especially during certain kills. Great stuff.

Overall, Lionsgate sucks ass for dumping this movie. Rent it. Buy it. Love it. A solid 4/5.

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