Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: She's Out of My League

Forgettable. Really, I can't think of a thing that stands out. Sure, it's enjoyable, so from an entertainment point-of-view, I guess it delivers. But it's unmemorable, it won't end up in my dvd collection and am unlikely to ever watch it again.

Woah. I sound harsh. I just really feel the film has little to offer.

Jay Baruchel is an endearing leading man and he bravely tries to carry the film. Problem I kinda had with the movie: Jay Baruchel is not a 5. Come on, he's an attractive man. Just let him walk upright like the rest of humanity. I can totally understand why Molly (Alice Eve) would like him.

Alice Eve does fine with what she has to work with, which is little btw. But she works her charm. I found Krysten Ritter more effective in the bitchy best friend role. Mike Vogel is completely wasted here. He's a good actor (see: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but he barely has anything to do here. T.J. Miller was the film's MVP in my opinion. I loved him in Cloverfield and on Carpoolers. The dude is funny and I enjoyed his role the most. Lindsay Sloane was annoying so I guess she played her part well.

It's worth a look if you like the cast. Otherwise, just skip it. A 2,5/5.

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