Thursday, February 7, 2008

Review: Meet the Spartans

Poor Sean Maguire. He's a... no, wait. Let me direct this to him personally.

Sean? Hi. Gwen here. Just wanted to tell you that I think you are a very talented and funny guy. I remember you from that British magazine Smash Hits, back in the day when you were a popstar. I really really liked you on "Off Centre". It's a shame that show was cancelled, because it was actually funny, and compared to Meet the Spartans a friggin' masterpiece worthy of many Globes and Emmys. I also really like how you X'd Jamie Kennedy when he was trying to X you on "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment". And between you and me, the only reason I ever tuned into "The Class" was to see you.

The thing is, Sean, is that I don't know if I can support you any longer if you make crap like Meet the Spartans. It was painfully unfunny and you deserve much better than this. And I mean MUCH better. And I deserve better too! I realize that you need to pay the rent too, but maybe if you feel tempted to do something like MTS again, you should come and stay over at my place. Forget about paying the rent. We'll drink tea and gossip about Matthew Marsden, a Brit like yourself who was once in Smash Hits and now makes bad movies too (though Rambo is supposedly good). Then we'll laugh about MTS like it was just a bad dream and focus on your promising future.

Think about it.

Hugs & kisses! - G

Yes, this was a really bad movie. I was shocked at how bad it actually was. Sean Maguire was great though and I respect him for making the best of this mess. Carmen Electra and Kevin Sorbo were amusing too. I don't have anything positive left to say and I don't want to waste my time writing more negative things. A 1/5.

ps. Matthew Marsden - don't take this the wrong way. I think you're talented as well and enjoy seeing you on the big and little screen. And you're always welcome to stop by for tea too.

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