Saturday, February 2, 2008

Trailer Park: Cloverfield

I don't watch a lot of trailers online, so this feature will mostly feature (hee!) trailers that were attached to movies I've recently seen. Keep in mind that I live in The Netherlands, and that the trailers attached wont necessarily be the same as the ones in your country. In this post I'll review the trailers that were attached to Cloverfield.

The Mist
I like Thomas Jane. He seems like a cool dude. I enjoyed him very much in Deep Blue Sea and I have no doubt he's able to kick some Mist-monster butt (if the monster has a butt). The trailer is visually pleasing, the cast is talented and Frank Darabont knows how to handle Stephen King stories. I'm looking forward to this somewhat.
To be viewed: on DVD

Meh. I feel like I'm the only one who's not impressed. I liked the beginning when we followed young Max Thieriot, but lost interest when he grew up to be Hayden Christensen. I'm not sure why. Interest was slightly peaked when I saw Jamie Bell, but overall I just feel meh about Jumper. I guess it's just not my kind of movie.
To be viewed: on TV

Things We Lost in the Fire
Hi, David Duchovny. I feel like I've been seeing you a lot lately. On that "Californication" show that I don't like. And on promos and set pics of X-Files 2. It seems you're one of the things lost in the fire in this trailer and that's sad, because you seem to be the only main cast member in the film that I like. Also, you seem to be the only main cast member in this movie not to own an Oscar. But that's okay, since those things seem to be overrated anyways. Hope you're well and give my love to Téa, kay? xoxo - Gwen
To be viewed: on TV

TBS is a Dutch movie and IMDB tells me its international title is Nothing to Lose. It's main character (played by Theo Maassen) is locked up for supposedly killing his father and little sister. While he admits to the murder of his father, he denies killing his sister. He escapes from his clinic and goes in search for his mother who could possibly help him prove his innocence. Along the way he kidnaps a young girl to help him stay out of the hands of the cops. I'm not a big fan of Dutch films, but TBS looks pretty good! And Maassen is a solid actor so he should be able to carry the film.
To be viewed: on TV

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