Friday, March 6, 2009

Review: 30 Days of Night

Barrow, Alaska. The inhabitants prepare themselves for thirty days without sunlight when a stranger (Ben Foster) ventures into the small town. Not long after his appearance, when the sun has set, Barrow gets attacked by a group of vampires. A small group of survivors, led by Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett) and his ex-wife Stella (Melissa George), try to survive the thirty days of night.

I was excited about this movie at some point. Then I sorta forgot it existed until I spotted it in the videostore. Now that I've watched it, it's even less memorable to me. It was hard for me to keep my interest in this movie, because how many times can I watch people change location, really? And not get attacked by the vamps?

Ben Foster's in this movie and I don't know why. Don't get me wrong. He's an amazing actor and his presence is pretty much the best part of the movie, but what is the point of his character? I was intrigued until he was killed off. What a waste of opportunity.

The rest of the film we get to follow Josh Hartnett around. When you compare it to watching Ben Foster be amazing, Josh is kinda a bore. And that's not really his fault, because Eben is written that way. But still, we have to stick with him and root for him. Which for me proved difficult. Melissa George was lovely, but seeing as I have a big girl crush on her, she can do no wrong in my book.

The movie technically looks great. Snow pretty! I don't know what else to say about this unmemorable movie. A 2,5/5.

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