Friday, May 8, 2009

Review: 17 Again

I saw 17 Again last week. See, Zac Efron, I kept my word! Now you keep your word as well and stay away from Footloose.

Anyhow, I liked the movie. I had incredibly low expectations so that helped, but I have to admit, Efron wasn't even that bad. He has the charisma to pull off a role like this, but I don't see him doing Magnolia. Or Schindler's List. Or even The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He's too glossy. I would like to see him do a serious drama just to get an idea of what he's capable of.

The rest of the cast did fine. Leslie Mann's character reminded me of her character in Knocked Up, so that really wasn't all that challenging for her I think. Matthew Perry is underused. I get it's about him turning 17 again, but five more minutes of screentime would have been nice. I enjoyed Thomas Lennon as Efron/Perry's best friend. I had never seen him before, but I'm sure it won't be the last time. Michelle Trachtenberg was completely wasted here. She barely had anything to do and I was just cringing at the scene where she threw herself at Efron. I'm not criticizing Michelle, I just hated the scene. Sterling Knight, who played Michelle's brother, has potential to have a good career ahead of him.

Looking at the movie itself, well, yeah, it's not like we haven't seen or heard this story before. But it's well executed, fun and yes, funny at times. I could even see myself owning this on DVD at some point. A 3,5/5.

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