Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Hollywood?

A New Decade. A New Hollywood. That's what the new issue of Vanity Fair says. It's kinda making me sad. I mean, seriously, Abbie Cornish? Why, VF, why? Kristen Stewart is talented, but has been around since 2002's Panic Room. She feels out of place surrounded by the ethereal beauties. Of course, K-Stew alone sells more copies than the other girls combined thanks to Twilight.

Carey Mulligan has some serious buzz surrounding her, but I haven't seen her in anything so I can't really say much about her. Lovely Amanda Seyfried has been working steadily since 2004's Mean Girls, but it's Mamma Mia that introduced her to a broader audience. She has serious leading lady potential and with Dear John around the corner, I'm not surprised she's on the cover.

Rebecca Hall. I haven't seen Vicky Christina Barcelona yet. I'm sure she's wonderful, but I haven't witnessed it yet. Mia Wasikowska has Alice in Wonderland coming up that will shove her into the spotlights. Nice call on that one, VF.

Emma Stone is doing well for herself. I haven't seen her in anything, but she doesn't make me want to stab myself when I read about her (*coughcornishcough*, so points for that. Evan Rachel Wood has been a force to be reckoned with for a decade. She was also on the cover of VF's 2003 Young Hollywood issue. Interesting choice to include her for 'A New Hollywood.' Anna Kendrick looks very pretty and I'm sure is very talented. I haven't seen her in anything.

If we're really going for the 'A New Hollywood' angle, then I get Mulligan, Hall, Wasikowska and Kendrick. They got the critical praise working for them. I can even get Stone and Seyfried, who are more mainstream, but have potential. Stewart and Wood have been around too long to be fresh faces despite their young ages. Cornish, I just don't understand at all. VF should've replaced her with Saoirse Ronan.

Oh how I miss the early 00's. Penelope, Wes, Mena, Marley, Chris, Selma, Paul, Jordana and for some reason, Sarah Wynter. Followed by the tween craze of 2003, starring Amanda, the Olsens, Mandy, Hilary, Alexis, EVAN, Raven and Lindsay.