Sunday, December 23, 2007

Review: The Fog (2005)

This movie kinda makes me mad I just wasted approximately 100 minutes of my life. I didn't think it could be that bad, yet sadly I was mistaken. I can't even give a decent summary of the plot. My viewing experience went something like this:

Uhmm?! Okay.. Tom Welling's acting has not yet improved. Selma Blair looks awesome! Boredom. Elizabeth! Boredom. Weak acting by Maggie Grace. Yay more Selma Blair! Elizabeth! Geez Tom Welling looks good from every angle. More boredom. Elizabeth! Elizabeth! WTF is going on? Why is Selma Blair the only person actually acting here? Elizabeth! More boredom. ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH! Stupid ending.

The only thing Tom Welling does in this movie is look good and say the name "Elizabeth" about 357 times. Maggie Grace was good on Lost, but I couldn't stand her or her character here. Actually, I was extremely bored everytime she was on screen. The only time I was alert was when Selma Blair appeared. She looked stunning and actually gave a performance. Welling and Grace are both incredibly bland as leads. According to imdb about a gazillion other actors were considered for their parts and I think any of them would have been an improvement.

For a horror movie, this is not scary at all. It was just boring. Good lord, I can barely recall anything that was supposed to be scary and I saw the movie yesterday! The script was weak. I mean, the constant repeating of the name "Elizabeth" alone is bad writing. You can't fill a scene with only that. The twist was interesting, but maybe a little more explanation would've been better. The fog itself looked pretty good and the cinematography was nice, but that and Selma Blair could not save this piece of crap. A 2/5.

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