Friday, January 4, 2008

Review: Birth

Oh boy.. I feel like posting about this movie is asking for trouble. The ending (or the enitre movie) is open to interpretation, and after browsing the IMDB boards for a bit, I see many do have different takes on the film.

Nicole Kidman plays Anna, who is confronted by a 10-year-old boy (Cameron Bright), who claims to be her dead husband. Anna, newly engaged, doesn't believe him at first, but soon finds herself wondering 'what if?'

Most people seems to either love or hate Birth. I liked it. I like that the movie never gave a clear answer, leaving you to come up with your own satisfying conclusion. *SPOILERS* Personally, I like to think young Sean was actually Sean, and he needed time to put all the pieces together, which is why he couldn't remember his affair. I don't think reincarnation means you have to remember everything in your life immediately. In the beginning of the movie, Sean sees Clara and follows her.. possibly because he recognizes her, but he can't place her. In the end, Sean tells Anna he's not her Sean, after realizing he's not the man he thought he was (read: he cheated on her, thus not loved her). He wants her to move on, and she sorta does by getting married. That last scene I'm not too sure about. Has Anna realized she can't let go of Sean? Has she realized that he did not love her as much as she loved him? The possibilities seem endless here.. */SPOILERS*

I'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman, but I thought she did a wonderful job here. You could feel how desperate Anna was to believe that Sean was her husband through her facial expressions and body language. Also, I liked her Mia Farrow-ish pixie cut. Young Cameron Bright is impressive, showing off a lot of maturity and determination throughout the film, while expressing vulnerability towards the end. He really makes you wonder whether or not he's the real Sean. I also have to note Peter Stormare's small role. I always enjoy seeing him pop up in movies and TV shows.

However, I did not like the pacing of this movie. It was too slow at times. I could have done without the incredibly long shots of people's faces, or that scene where Anna walked down the hill towards the bridge. Nice cinematography, but really, that scene could have used trimming! Overall, I liked the movie. It was well written and well acted, but the direction bugged me. A 3,5/5.

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