Sunday, June 20, 2010

You know that Fright Night remake..

Anton Yelchin.. is actually starting to sound pretty good to me. The project has been flying under my radar (I didn't even own any HSX stocks!), but recent casting announcements have tickled my interest.

Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Hearts in Atlantis) plays the lead, Charley Brewster, who believes his neighbor (Colin Farrell!) is a vampire. In the original, he goes to classic horror actor turned tv show host Peter Vincent (played by Roddy McDowall) for help. Dr. Who's David Tennant is set to play the Vincent role, though the character's been changed a bit. Not necessarily a bad thing, but who knows. Toni Collette is Charley's mother, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Kick-Ass) is his best friend Evil Ed and Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) has just been cast as his love interest.

The movie will be directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl), and was written by Buffy vet Marti Noxon.

I'm a big Buffy fan so I have faith in Noxon, and I quite adored Lars and the Real Girl. Honestly, this project could've done a lot worse. I mean, who would take on a Fright Night remake? I saw the original a long time ago and while I don't have a clear memory of it, I do look back at it fondly. Is a remake necessary? Of course not. But with the right people behind and in front of the camera, it could be a fun flick.

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