Monday, February 9, 2009

Whatever happened to... Kip Pardue?

I remember the first time I saw, no, consciously noted Kip Pardue's existence. It was March 16, 2001 (I have the movie stub to prove it). My friend Stitch and I were still in high school and the Young Hollywood craze was slowly cooling down. We went to the cinema to watch Remember the Titans, which looked like a nice movie and it co-starred Donald Faison and Ryan Gosling, two actors I'm still really fond of.

Kip as Sunshine appeared onscreen. Stitch leaned over to me to comment on his hotness. I don't really like blond dudes, so I just shrugged it off. But there was something about him. The locker room scene was great! Watch it here!

Next up was the lead in Stallone's Driven opposite the luminous Estella Warren. This was supposed to be his big break. But the movie tanked, unfortunately. Hey, I liked it! He went on to win the Young Hollywood Award for New Stylemaker (I never understood why) and followed Driven up with roles in two other high profile (okay, no blockbusters but you had to be living under a rock if you hadn't heard about these) movies, The Rules of Attraction and Thirteen. Pardue was also good in the little seen 2003 movie Heaven's Pond opposite Tara Reid (if you say she can't act, watch this movie). I have not seen Pardue in anything since. IMDB tells me he's done 23 projects since then, yet most are things I've never even heard of. And I read my daily movie blogs. Only Stag Night rings a bell and that's because Breckin Meyer is in it.

I do appreciate indie pics and I'm sure most of those 23 projects are indies. I'm sure he's doing fine. I'm not criticizing the guy in any shape, way or form (except his New Stylemaker award). All I'm saying, Hollywood, hello, use him.

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