Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I didn't think it was possible to have more love for Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but the girl is rocking the blue hair. I really want to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Too bad Michael Cera is in it. BUT! To compensate, it also stars: Chris Evans! Mae Whitman! Jason Schwartzman! Kieran Culkin!

And it's co-written by Michael Bacall! Which is funny to me cause I was just thinking this morning 'isn't Bacall writing something?' This after seeing him in Death Proof last night and thinking about his career. (I have this thing about people who were on Buffy and Bacall guest starred in the season 2 ep "Some Assembly Required", which means I think more about Bacall than the average person - yes, I am a dork).

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