Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jared vs Jason

Congrats, universe! You win again! I had no interest whatsoever in the Friday the 13th remake. Hell, I don't even care much for the original movies (except for maybe the first one, cause you gotta respect The Bacon). However, Platinum Dunes pulled out the big guns. After getting Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Marcus Nispel on board, they have now cast Jared Padalecki. Yes, pretty much the only damn person in this world who could make me watch a Friday the 13th remake. As I said before, congratulations, universe. You win. Should I just hand over my 8.75 euros now?

I'm almost getting hope this movie will be good. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was an all-round good movie: visually stunning, great casting and acting, good script. If anyone could make Camp Crystal Lake look good, it's Nispel. And Padalecki knows his way around the horror genre, thanks to Supernatural, House of Wax, Cry_Wolf and New York Minute. Now if we could just get Brittany Snow and Lindy Booth and Monica Keena and [insert name of pop starlet wanting to act] to stay away from this as far as possible, this should turn out to be okay. Right?!

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