Friday, March 28, 2008

Trailer Park: My Sassy Girl trailer

I almost feel bad for Jesse Bradford when watching the trailer for his new movie My Sassy Girl. He's a talented actor who is completely underrated and who deserves so much better than this. For Elisha Cuthbert, this movie looks like a step up from Captivity.

My Sassy Girl is a remake of a Korean (I think - I'm too lazy to look it up) film. After all the J-horror remakes, Hollywood is apparently now focusing on the K-romcoms. I don't know the details of the original, but My Sassy Girl is about an average guy (Bradford) who falls for a free spirited girl (Cuthbert). Sure the trailer has some cute moments, but overall, this looks like another generic and forgetable romcom. I don't think the casting of Elisha Cuthbert helps either. Once a promising talent, now box office poison after the disaster that was Captivity. I know the fanboys like her, but they are not exactly the target audience for My Sassy Girl. And, IMHO, she seems like a pretty average actress. She's not able to transcend her material and make it better. I'm sure Bradford will charm his way through this like a champ, but I don't think Cuthbert will have much street cred left after this.

To be viewed: on DVD (because I do love Jesse Bradford)

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