Saturday, October 3, 2009

James Franco does Daytime Television

Did I miss something? Is it April 1st or am I being Punk'd? Golden Globe winner James Franco is heading to soap opera General Hospital for a 2-month recurring role. Via
Actor James Franco is headed for "General Hospital." He'll play a recurring role on the long-running ABC daytime series for two months staring Nov. 20, coinciding with Nov. sweeps, reports the Associated Press.

And though the "General Hospital" crew is keeping tight-lipped about the particulars of his role, Franco's character will supposedly be the "worst nightmare" for Jason Morgan, a mob crook character who's played by Emmy winner Steve Burton, according to Insiders say that the fact that Burton and Franco share the same manager is pure coincidence, and deny rumors that Franco will return permanently to the small screen.

I'm pretty sure this can't be right and I'm having an aneurysm or something. A soap opera? A SOAP OPERA?! GENERAL HOSPITAL?! Look, for the record, I don't like James Franco. I think he's a great actor, but I also think he's a jackass. I really wonder why he's doing this. It looks like 'look at me not feeling like I'm too good for daytime television like my fellow A-listers', while it feels like 'look at how cool I am, that despite my success, I will do daytime television for fun. I'm so quirky!'

Honestly, the whole thing is so ridiculous, it almost makes me like him a bit.

Also, Jonathan Jackson is returning to General Hospital! He originated the role of Lucky Spencer. Now, JJ's career has not been as glamourous or successful as James's so I understand his move. Still, seems like a shame. JJ was fantastic in The Deep End of the Ocean. Too bad the kid never really got a chance to shine in other movies.

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