Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome home, Sidney!

OHMIGOD, you guys! Scream 4 trailer! I wasn't expecting this at all, but yes, the trailer made its way on the interwebs already. Now I haven't been very pro Scream 4, mainly because of all the cast changing drama and rumors of Kevin Williamson abandoning ship, but I'm actually a bit excited. I so feel 15 again waiting for Scream 3 to be released.

- Rory Culkin needs a haircut.
- Seeing Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell together on that couch looks off to me. Like it's supposed to be Scary Movie 5.
- I like Erik Knudsen and Culkin together.
- Ahh poor Gale being attacked by Ghostface! I don't think she'll die though!

Can't wait to see more footage!

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