Sunday, June 28, 2009

If you're not watching Harper's Island...

It really is your loss. How did a show that started out so unbelievably campy, turn out so good? First, I have to take back everything I have previously said about Adam Campbell (Cal). Sure he brought the camp in the early eps, but his performance in last night's episode "Splash" (#1.11) was wonderful. Throughout the course of the season Cal became one of my favorite characters. Something I seriously didn't expect would happen after watching the first five eps.

Some thoughts after rewatching "Splash" today:

- Why didn't Wakefield kill Abby when he had the chance at the beginning of the ep?
- In the car, Sully mentions to Cal that Cal passed out before he could give him any instructions to get the bullet out and close the wound. Later, Sully tells Danny Cal stayed awake while he dug a bullet from his shoulder.
- Just because the Sheriff said he's Abby's father, well that doesn't mean it's biologically true.
- Why didn't Trish help Shane when Wakefield was attacking him with his big ass Jason Voorhees machete? Girl had a shotgun, Shane had a knife. Goodbye Ben Cotton, you were great!
- A killer is on the loose. Someone rings the church bells. Why do you automatically think it must be one of your friends?
- Why didn't Shea say 'I love you' back to Trish?
- Why did Wakefield capture Chloe instead of killing her?
- "I almost died for a woman like you," said Wakefield to Chloe. I choose to interpret that as someone tried to kill him for his relationship with Abby's mom.
- The Sully/Danny scene at the Candlewick was suspicious to me. I actually thought nice guy Danny would shoot Sully.
- Note to Danny: a killer is behind the door. Don't go looking through the hole.
- Matt Barr also gave a wonderful performance in this episode. I've really grown to like him as an actor and I like Sully as well. Don't die Sully!
- Why did Henry insist Cal should go find Chloe on his own while Abby and Henry went after Wakefield?
- Henry misses his shot at Wakefield, while we know from an early ep that he has a good aim.
- After Cal proposed to Chloe, I knew they were doomed. Their deaths were the most emotional and tragic for me so far. Cameron Richardson brought her A-game in this ep. Kudos.
- Jimmy is so a red-herring. That last scene in the car? Maybe Jimmy is suspicious of Trish?

I can't believe we have to wait two weeks for the finale. I still have no clue who the other killer is. I originally pointed at Henry here. My theory still holds up. As for survivors, I really want Sully to survive and Danny as well. I don't care for Shea, Madison or Abby. Please kill them, killers. I hope Trish is not the other killer and that she gets to have her revenge by killing at least one of the killers. I see Jimmy sacrificing himself for Abby (ugh! blugh! aarghh!) and if Henry turns out to be the other killer, he will die. So uhmm yeah, please don't die Sully and Danny.

Is it July 11 yet?

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